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On th ewebsite of the President of the Czech republic, a letter was posted regarding the detainment of Ivan an Martin.
In this letter, the Czech president writes the Greek President about situation

Dear Mr. President,


allow me to contact you in the matter of two Czech citizens who have been arrested in Greece and charged with espionage. This matter is extremely sensitive to the Czech public and I - as a president of the country - am not and cannot be indifferent to the fate of our citizens anywhere in the world either.
I do not doubt that the Greek democratic authorities - police, office of the state attorney and courts - will handle this unfortunate situation in an entirely unbiased manner. I do not wish to interfere in their work with this letter in any way.


Despite that, I would like to kindly ask, dear Mr. President, that you monitor this unfortunate matter from your position with special care - especially considering the excellent relations between our nations and countries - to ensure that further development does not unnecessarily cast a shadow over our relations.
Once more I would like to assure you that I am certain our citizens will be treated according to the full extent of the law during the search for justice by the Greek authorities.


With utmost respect,
Václav Klaus







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On Facebook, a event was created that calls for a protest in Prague on Monday, November 26.  from  13:00 till 14:30

“Czech game developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have been jailed under horrible conditions in Greece for 3 months. The reason is the absurd charge of espionage. Come show your support while we hand our minister of foreign affairs the petition for their release. We will meet in front of the Greek embassy, where we will hand them the petition, after which we will move to the nearby ministry of foreign affairs to do the same.”

If you live near Prague, and like to show your support Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, Enlist at the Facebook Event here!


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More and more details surface in the case of Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta regarding their detainement for Espionage in Greece. The Sister of Ivan Buchta, responded on Facebook regarding the question  ’Why Ivan and Martin went to Limnos without their wifes’.

Translation :

Just to explain why the guys didn’t go with their families. Or Ivan to be more exact. His wife and daughter (at that time not even 2 years old) were supposed to go. However his wife’s doctor recommended against traveling far, especially by a plane, because there was a problem with pregnancy (what exactly is no one’s business). He didn’t want to go alone with a small child (my brother is simply worried about her). And to avoid cancelling he took Martin who is the same age as me and a good guy. Why wouldn’t he go to the place they’ve been working based off for such a long time.
Plus they were invited by “fans”. I know those of you not fully informed might find it weird and suspicious which is why I’m writing this.
Enthusiastic developers just wanted to see something they’ve been working on for many years when it wasn’t possible for my brother’s wife to go. Because that’s who my brother is. It’s important for his that players of his game felt as if the trees, rocks, shadows were all real…But he would never, neither would Martin, do anything intentionally illegal! I’d like to write what I really know but sadly I can’t yet. Please, keep your fingers crossed, send them greetings through Jerry (he really appreciates that) and help if you can.
I expect a lot of negative reactions, YES they shouldn’t have gone there in the first place (but who would have thought this would happen), YES some might still think this is all suspicious (maybe only people who are really into their work will understand), but this is just too much!!!


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The Czech radio Radiožurnál has posted an article in which they claim they looked at the actual casefile. It gives us a remarkable insight in the case of Ivan and Martin from a source never published before - the court file itself. According to it, not only is the case incredibly shaky, the Greek authorities were also monitoring the two developers as they arrived on the island.


The two Czechs who have photographed military objects on the Greek island of Lemnos in September are still in jail awaiting trial. Radiožurnál’s special corresponded managed to have a look at their court file which indicates that the Greek authorities knew of their arrival beforehand.

The file according to our correspondent refutes many theories that have surfaces soon after the arrest of the two men. For example, according to the list of confiscated items the Czechs only had normally obtainable electronics with them: computers, cameras and video cameras. They had no night vision devices as Greek media speculated after their arrest.

The police has a witness whose statement can be interpreted in many different ways. The file also contains around 14 photos that have been taken from a moving car. There also are several documents that are not signed but according to our correspondent they could be from the intelligence service.

These documents indicate that the authorities knew about both men prior to their arrival into the country. They had information about when they will arrive, when their flight leaves and where they plan to go.

The pair was visited today by their fathers. They brought them warm clothes and personal items. The situation is prolonged by slow Greek judicial process further hindered by series of strikes.

Greek media is convinced the two Czechs are guilty. They claim they were performing espionage for Turkey.



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Daniel Vavra from Warhorse studios started a facebook group that calls for a public protest at the Greek embassy in Prague.
Although many people support the event, a date is yet to be picked for the final protest day.
Rocket - creator of DayZ is most likely attending to the protest as he seems to be looking for a megaphone.

If you are living in the Czech Republic and want more information about the event check the Facebook group (Czech language, English allowed too).