letter from ivan

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Ivan Buchta has send us a letter, which again confirms your postcards reach their destination.

Greetings to the whole “help Ivan and Martin committee” for all you do to keep our spirits high. We certainly need it now and then, and the cards are a great way to amuse ourselves and feel little less forgotten.

I have to say that seeing the community rallied in our support is a great thing! This is just awesome, and I hope some of the spirit will remain even after we get released.

Thanks for all your care and effort! Please pass our greetings to Jerry, CWR² team and Armaholic staff, and to everyone sending their words of encouragement.
Again, the “WIP cards” sound great, and we can’t wait. It would be nice to stay updated on the communities activities. It is very important to us to stay “outside” at least mentally, and you and Jerry and everybody else are doing a great job keeping us there.

Ivan Buchta




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Today we noticed several Czech postcards adressed to Martin Pezlar via our postcard-initiative.
Amongst them, a postcard from his Mum and other close friends.

Best wishes for today’s birthday!!!! We wish you mainly luck, you need that the most now, mental and physical strength!! We’ll give you the strongest hug ever in person, all of us!!! The whole family and many friends send their regards and hope you’ll come back home soon!! Take care!! Speaking for everybody, mom!!!

We have made a short video, in which we ask to send Martin your video-birthday greeting.
But if you are camera-shy you can always send a postcard!

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The Czech website rozhlas.cz posted a telephone conversation between Hana Buchtová and Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar.

We translated the conversation and made a youtube video with subtitles in several languages.
Ivan Buchta describes the daily routines, and how they cope with the situation.
Make sure you turn on subtitles in the video.

source : rozhlas.cz

Judges back at work: Ivan & Martin free on Sunday?

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As the greek wheels of justice slowly start turning, a council of judges will decide on the appeal in the case of the two detained game developers on saturday.

Martin Pezlar and Ivan buchta -both developers for Bohemia Interactive- were arrested and accused of espionage during their vacation on Limnos, Greece. Due to the current crisis in Greece, the juridical courts are on strike which resulted in a detainment of roughly 8 weeks without any progress on their case.
Their lawyer, Panagiotis Eleftherioy who immediatly filed an appeal against the alledged espionage charges upon arrest, explained us about the strikes and the upcoming decision.

“The strikes initially ended on 19 october, where on 20 October the decision was made if the strike should continue and for how long. the end date of the strikes was then streched to November 10.”

A judge told the lawyer that on that date, a decision will be made regarding the case of Ivan and Martin.

On the 60th day of their detention in Greece, the case of Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta will receive the first juridicial decision. This could mean they will finally know if the charges of espionage still stand, or if they can pay bail and get out of jail before christmas.


Update: Strike extended to 21 November