Seasons greetings from Helpivanmartin

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Our 2012 Christmas wish : Light a candle for Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar! Lighting candles expresses more than words could ever say. Candles remind us of presence, assure us of warmth, promise us that someone cares and we care for each other. Light your candle, and send us a picture via @helpivanmartin on twitter.

Espionage and a video game in military camps on Lemnos

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On December 13, an article was published on -  a highly respectable newspaper in greece.The article is particlarly interesting as it shows the involvement of the Greek secret service in the case. Here is the full translation. *Espionage and a video game in military camps on Lemnos* Every day there are new episodes of the… Read more »

Christmas wishes from Ivan & Martin

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Letter from Greece

Today, the mailman brought us another message from Greece.  In this letter, Ivan send some personal messages to people who have send a Postcard via  and a generic message for the whole community. So keep them Postcards coming, before you know it, you have a personal message from the detainees.

The Limnos Incident - a community movie

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Pete Knuutinen, one of the members of the team, created a ArmA Machinima which tells the story of the two developers detained in Greece. On 9th September, 2012, two Czech citizens, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were arrested on Limnos island, Greece. Both of them are charged with espionage. Reason for this accusation was… Read more »

Second appeal filed

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The Greek Lawyer Panagiotis Eleftherioy filed the second appeal on friday December 7.  In a short interview with the Czech lawyer Dagmar Raupachová , is being stated that the appeal will probably be processed in the new year. Furthermore the lawyer states that its good that the Czech government has been openly supportive, although she thinks… Read more »