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Pete Knuutinen, one of the members of the team, created a ArmA Machinima which tells the story of the two developers detained in Greece.

On 9th September, 2012, two Czech citizens, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were arrested on Limnos island, Greece. Both of them are charged with espionage.
Reason for this accusation was few photographs, which are said to contain military objects, similar to those one can easily find over the internet, supposedly with much better resolution.
Film is created by P.J. Knuutinen for informational purposes and to be used in team efforts to spread the word and help our friends, who have now been detained for three months.

Intention of this film is hereby solely informational, with dramatized means of motion picture. It is not meant to hurt or offend anything or anyone.

Direct link : Vimeo - Youtube

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The Greek Lawyer Panagiotis Eleftherioy filed the second appeal on friday December 7.  In a short interview with the Czech lawyer Dagmar Raupachová , is being stated that the appeal will probably be processed in the new year. Furthermore the lawyer states that its good that the Czech government has been openly supportive, although she thinks that it has no direct influence in the case.





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Euro MP Brezina and his Greek colleague N. Tzavela  intervened in the matter of two Czechs detained in Greece. Via a joint letter they contacted 5 Greek representatives who are in position to intervene in the case.

The slowly moving matter of Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar detained in Greece may get a new impulse. Euro MP Březina in his attempt to help them has found a strong ally - influential Greek N. Tzavely who has strong ties to Greek representatives who have the authority to influence the case directly. After the communication between presidents, prime ministers and ministers of foreign affairs the attempts have moved to the lower, but closer parts of the Greek politics to create pressure towards Greek representats in whose competence the case is. The five politicians are Interior Minister N. Dendias, Minister of Justice A. Roupakiotis, Minister for Shipping and the Aegean Sea K. Mousouroulis, Governor of South Aegean Islands region T. Giakalis and Vice-governor of South Aegian Islands region that includes the island of Chios, where both Czechs are held.


“In the joint letter with Mrs. Tzavely we have informed the Greek representatives , that the condition the Czech citizens are being held in are considered in the Czech Republic as unacceptable and have upset both their relatives and the wider public. Further, in light of this, we have highlighted that the detention has lasted over 70 days in horrible conditions in jails on the islands Lemnos, Lesbos and Chios, the latter being where they slept on the ground for a long time and currently share a cell with 22 other prisoners.


Further, we have expressed our discomposure over the fact, that the investigation is taking an unacceptably long time and that so far, in the court case itself, it has not yet been decided whether the charges will be dropped or the charges will proceed to court, where they could be properly contested by the two men. These delays cause concern on our side, because they mean that the two men will spend more time detained in prison on the island of Chios. We noted, that the problem has been made known to the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and President Karolos Papoulias.


Because the conditions of detention of the two Czechs, citizens of European Union, are undignified and shameful and the prospects of any major development in the case aren’t too good, we have requested that steps to ensure that the detention of the two men is dignified and in accordance with international human rights treaties are taken.


We have also requested them to monitor the case in the full extent necessary and to ensure swiftness in either dropping or filling charges without bureaucratic delays,” Euro MP Březina described and summed up the contents of the letter.



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Letter fom martin & Ivan, 22 November
Text version

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for the ongoing support of our case. After tiring two months, it is important for us to hear ( well, read) words of encouragement and to learn that we are not forgotten.

We are treated well, but we feel we should rather be with our families than here.Your effort makes it easier to handle: We enjoy the postcards, community news, pictures and puzzles which are being regularly send by this website’s magnificent staff, It seem sit will take some time before we could return home and there is certainly much to overcome.

We do our best to stay optimistic and use this time well : we read we walk, we chat and discuss and martin even does some pt. we’ve already walked hundred of kilometers, read thousands of pages, but our thoughts are always with our families, friends and people who help us in any way.

We should also thank everyone who joined the petition! 14.000 signatures is truly amazing number, which makes us hope for the best regardless of the hardships.

With best regards, from windy Greece,

Ivan & Martin

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Around 150 people have protested in Prague in support of the two Czechs detained in Greece.
The men have been detained for nearly three months in a local jail on charges of espionage.
The organizers of the protest have given a petition for their release to the ministry of foreign affairs and the Greek embassy.
Their release, in spite of diplomatic intercessions, is not in sight.

Ivan and Martin, Two Czech developers of computer games who, thanks to photographing in a prohibited area and suspicion of espionage, have spent 79 days in a Greek jail.

The petition for their release first went to the Greek ambassador, then to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Fellow game developers, friends and tens of fans all of them came to Prague today to support the two detained men.


Although the protest in Prague was widely covered by the Czech media, the english mainstream media hasnt picked this up yet.

Therefore we have some of those video translated in english.  - Be sure to turn on the subtitles!


Television interview with Daniel Vavra (CT24)