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On th ewebsite of the President of the Czech republic, a letter was posted regarding the detainment of Ivan an Martin.
In this letter, the Czech president writes the Greek President about situation

Dear Mr. President,


allow me to contact you in the matter of two Czech citizens who have been arrested in Greece and charged with espionage. This matter is extremely sensitive to the Czech public and I - as a president of the country - am not and cannot be indifferent to the fate of our citizens anywhere in the world either.
I do not doubt that the Greek democratic authorities - police, office of the state attorney and courts - will handle this unfortunate situation in an entirely unbiased manner. I do not wish to interfere in their work with this letter in any way.


Despite that, I would like to kindly ask, dear Mr. President, that you monitor this unfortunate matter from your position with special care - especially considering the excellent relations between our nations and countries - to ensure that further development does not unnecessarily cast a shadow over our relations.
Once more I would like to assure you that I am certain our citizens will be treated according to the full extent of the law during the search for justice by the Greek authorities.


With utmost respect,
Václav Klaus






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