This site has been created and is maintained by Patrick Roza (“Sickboy”), to support Ivan and Martin, their families and friends. Thanks to everyone’s support so far!

Our Mission

Report, Translate  and Check news and news-sources regarding the case of Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. We organize with community effort, ways to help in this case in any way we can.

We aim to be the single point of information for non Greek or Czech readers.
Do you have an idea that might help the case?  - contact us!
Team members:

  • Sickboy (NL)
  • W0lle (DE)
  • JerryHopper (NL)
  • Foxhound (NL)
  • Deadfast (CZ)
  • Max Power (CAN)
  • Petri J. Knuutinen (FI)




Contact us via: [email protected]
or via twitter @helpivanmartin


Privacy policy

If you leave a signature, it will be visible on this website excl. e-mail address,
and might be forwarded as part of the petition, to the petitioned party.
Your information is not sold or used for any other kinds of commercial purposes.



We are a non profit initiative, with no other goals than to raise awareness of the case of Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. The helpivanmartin.org consists of volunteers from several countries. Any errors in writing, or translation can be reported and will be rectified. We strive with ‘best effort’ to respect all copyrights and any material posted on this site contains a source. For youtube movies, the source is noted in the movie information.