Contact established

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After 19 days of detainment, Jerry Hopper from the team has managed to establish contact with the Martin and Ivan’s Lawyer. From now on, the helpivanmartin initiative is able to send letters to Greece.   thanks in advance for your kind help and i’ve already informed ivan and martin about the website that has… Read more »

Videos with Limnos Military objects

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The following videos depict Limnos Military objects, much more specifically, and in much greater volume and detail, than the 14 frames of video, Ivan and Martin supposedly had in their possession. It is sad, and at the same time ridiculous, that our two dear friends are being detained for what appears to be nothing in comparison… Read more »

Third Official BIS statement

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Third stament - Maruk Spanel CEO Bohemia interactive   My colleagues and I were shocked when we found out about the detention of our co-workers and friends, Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta, on the Greek island of Lemnos. Everybody who knows them realizes that they’re not spies and certainly never intended to threaten Greek national… Read more »

Interview with the parents

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The Czech newspaper posted an article where they interview the parents of Martin & Ivan

An Update about our Colleagues Detained in Greece

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Second statement from Bohemia Interactive by Jay Crowe Since last Sunday, when two Bohemia Interactive, a.s. employees, were arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos, much speculation about what happened has circulated online. It’s been rumoured that they entered restricted military areas or gathered photographic references of military bases in order to improve the visual… Read more »