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The Czech radio Radiožurnál has posted an article in which they claim they looked at the actual casefile. It gives us a remarkable insight in the case of Ivan and Martin from a source never published before - the court file itself. According to it, not only is the case incredibly shaky, the Greek authorities were also monitoring the two developers as they arrived on the island.


The two Czechs who have photographed military objects on the Greek island of Lemnos in September are still in jail awaiting trial. Radiožurnál’s special corresponded managed to have a look at their court file which indicates that the Greek authorities knew of their arrival beforehand.

The file according to our correspondent refutes many theories that have surfaces soon after the arrest of the two men. For example, according to the list of confiscated items the Czechs only had normally obtainable electronics with them: computers, cameras and video cameras. They had no night vision devices as Greek media speculated after their arrest.

The police has a witness whose statement can be interpreted in many different ways. The file also contains around 14 photos that have been taken from a moving car. There also are several documents that are not signed but according to our correspondent they could be from the intelligence service.

These documents indicate that the authorities knew about both men prior to their arrival into the country. They had information about when they will arrive, when their flight leaves and where they plan to go.

The pair was visited today by their fathers. They brought them warm clothes and personal items. The situation is prolonged by slow Greek judicial process further hindered by series of strikes.

Greek media is convinced the two Czechs are guilty. They claim they were performing espionage for Turkey.



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