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Around 150 people have protested in Prague in support of the two Czechs detained in Greece.
The men have been detained for nearly three months in a local jail on charges of espionage.
The organizers of the protest have given a petition for their release to the ministry of foreign affairs and the Greek embassy.
Their release, in spite of diplomatic intercessions, is not in sight.

Ivan and Martin, Two Czech developers of computer games who, thanks to photographing in a prohibited area and suspicion of espionage, have spent 79 days in a Greek jail.

The petition for their release first went to the Greek ambassador, then to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Fellow game developers, friends and tens of fans all of them came to Prague today to support the two detained men.


Although the protest in Prague was widely covered by the Czech media, the english mainstream media hasnt picked this up yet.

Therefore we have some of those video translated in english.  - Be sure to turn on the subtitles!


Television interview with Daniel Vavra (CT24)



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