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The Czech television published a video in which the parents of Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar make a statement about the situation.  We have translated this video and published it on youtube.

Be sure to turn on English subtitles.


Statement of mother of Ivan buchta :

A holder of a Czech passport is under the protection of the Czech Republic.
Everybody concerned is requested to provide the holder of the passport
with the necessary help and protection according to the international law.
What I just read is a quote from the passport we all have at home.
For 68 days Greece has been holding two innocent and unjustly charged Czech citizens.
Our sons: Martin and Ivan
For 68 days we have been waking up and falling asleep worried about our children
who are being jailed on a Greek island distant 1600 kilometers.
It has also been 68 days for which we have believed
that the ministry of foreign affairs has been doing everything to get Martin and Ivan home.
We have been assured that minister Schwarzenberg has spoken about our sons with his Greek counterpart,
that the embassy in Greece is doing everything it can
and that we have to be strong.
Perhaps we were too optimistic.
We supported each other and trusted the ministry of foreign affairs.
A single telephone call has shattered our hope and trust.
It was the telephone call where our sons told us
that their appeal against the decision to prosecute was refused,
as well as the request to be released on bail.
At that moment everything that has been holding us mentally above the water has fallen apart.
Now we are crushed and full of desperation
that nobody has been able to help our children…our boys
for nearly 70 days from this absurd and unfair situation.
We cannot understand how in a civilized world can somebody frame our boys,
who went to Greece on vacation with a travel agency,
of espionage and get away with it.
How is it possible that a member of the European Union
can imprison citizens of a different country without basic and irrefutable evidence.
Why in other cases special emissaries are dispatched to negotiate
but in our case no such thing is done.
The last telephone call from our boys has drastically changed the situation.
In the previous calls we have assured them that everything is being done to save them
and they assured us that they’re holding it together as well as they can.
Today we unfortunately know that what was being done wasn’t enough
and that it hasn’t forced the Greek authorities to rethink the absurd charges,
instead they maintain on pressing the charges.
One more thing has also changed.
Our boys.
They no longer tell us that it’s alright, that they are holding it together.
After this judicial decision we have heard from Martin and Ivan something
that no parent wants to hear.
During the phone call they basically told us one thing:
“Mom, dad, please save us.”
I’d like to read…
…the statement of Dr. Dagmar Raupachová, our attorney-at-law.
The goal of my actions is to get both men back to the Czech Republic.
The first step was the meeting with the Czech minister of foreign affairs Karel Schwarzenberg,
among other things because the ministry could obtain further important information via our embassy in Greece
According to my information the embassy spoke with the Greek ministry of justice,
I consider that a correct move, unfortunately it hasn’t lead to our goal yet.
That is why I then contacted president Václav Klaus,
the highest authority.
f the state’s interest of protecting its citizens is real,
as it it publicly presented,
then I am of the opinion that the government should have stepped in.
The thing of importance is that reliable flow of information can be established
and that a coordinated approach using international treaties is set.
I will now contact prime minister Petr Nečas in this regard.
Dr. Dagmar Raupachová.

Official statement (Czech)

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