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Jerry Hopper from the Community radiostation published a interview with Marek Spanel:


With the current situation of Martin Pezar and Ivan Buchta detained in Greece we decided to get some answers from the Big Boss of Bohemia Interactive. After 3 written statements on the Bohemia Interactive website and quite some time of silence, we send out our reporter Jerry Hopper to get a response from Marek Spanel - Ceo at Bohemia Interactive.




disclaimer is a community website  around the fictional radiostation ‘Limnosradio’ which is based on the greek island ‘Limnos’ in ArmA3, a battlefield simulator from Bohemia Interactive.All characters, events and stories are fictional.  We can not be held responsible for any damage this website might caused by misunderstanding the fact that all of this is fictional.

We do not intent to harm/insult Lemnos or its inhibitants in any way. All information about possible conflicts, persons, nations are fictional and/or based on the storyline of Bohemia Interactive’s game ArmA3. We do not have any form of commercial intend, nor are we afilliated with Bohemia Interactive or its associates.

All of the above do also apply on any references found to ‘SahraniRadio’


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