Get ARMA3 devs home: Ivan and Martin jailed (about 1 month) in Greece

Greece: Let Ivan and Martin go home!

This is a call for support to the entire ARMA/OFP community, all gamers and non-gamers alike.

As many of you may know, two of Bohemia Interactive's developers, Ivan Buchta, and Martin Pezlar, are currently detained in a prison in Greece, charged with allegations of spying. The arrest took place on September 9th near their hotel, and was first reported by Greek site Lesvos news


Facing up to 20 years in prison, for taking pictures of an island, just like countless other tourists before them, the Czech developers are being charged with espionage. Only because they happen to work on a computer game, a game that portrays Greece as a battlefield for a fictional futuristic conflict between the USA and Iran in the year 2035.

Ivan and Martin are no spies, but passionate community members, dedicated to the game and its experience for the player. Many of us have witnessed Ivan talking in interviews passionately about the progress of ARMA3 and all the new features, also developed by Martin.

It's time to show our support, not only as a community, but as players and concerned citizens, for two developers, who now face a lifetime in prison for an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Ivan and Martin need your support right now, so please share this link with as many people as you can and leave a message for them as a sign of solidarity, hope and friendship.

Thank you for your time, your help is much appreciated.

You can stay up-to-date with the twitter feed and news posts here on this page.

Videos with Limnos Military objects

The following videos depict Limnos Military objects, much more specifically, and in much greater volume and detail, than the 14 frames of video, Ivan and Martin supposedly had in their possession.

It is sad, and at the same time ridiculous, that our two dear friends are being detained for what appears to be nothing in comparison to these videos. It seems to be very hard to determine what is allowed to be filmed, and what isn't, especially with the clear public exposure of these military objects, very close to public areas.

It is even worse that the Limnos legal apparatus is on a strike, further delaying processing and release of Ivan and Martin!

If you find similar material, please send it to us.

Update - Ivan & Martin are detained Week 3

Three weeks have passed since the arrest of Ivan and Martin, and the team behind have been busy gathering intel.

We’ve put up a few new pages with facts and new ways to support the detained developers.

But more important: We’ve managed to get in contact with their Lawyer, Panagiotis Eleftherioy.

With him we discussed the current situation, and which ways we can support them best.

Here are some excepts from that talk.

Panagiotis Eleftherioy: “thanks in advance for your kind help and i’ve already informed ivan and martin about the website that has been constructed about them. they are sending you and to all the gamers many greetings”

Panagiotis Eleftherioy: "As many of you know, the justice system in Greece is on indefinite strike. These strikes last at least until 20 Oct. According to greek law, a case has to be on trial within 120 days after arrest. More info can be found on the ‘Facts page’"

Earlier, we asked the community to be on the lookout of publicly available material from military objects or installations on Limnos, ( youtube/flickr ) which might help their case.

Panayiotis Eleftheriou: "Such material can be of great help, and some of it is already used in the case. More info on the help page"

On the question : what more can we do, will writing to officials help, and who to write :

Panayioti Eleftheriou: "Write to the Ministry of foreign affairs or the embassy"

More info on the help page

Greek news report

September 10th, 2012,


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