letter from ivan

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Ivan Buchta has send us a letter, which again confirms your postcards reach their destination.

Greetings to the whole “help Ivan and Martin committee” for all you do to keep our spirits high. We certainly need it now and then, and the cards are a great way to amuse ourselves and feel little less forgotten.

I have to say that seeing the community rallied in our support is a great thing! This is just awesome, and I hope some of the spirit will remain even after we get released.

Thanks for all your care and effort! Please pass our greetings to Jerry, CWR² team and Armaholic staff, and to everyone sending their words of encouragement.
Again, the “WIP cards” sound great, and we can’t wait. It would be nice to stay updated on the communities activities. It is very important to us to stay “outside” at least mentally, and you and Jerry and everybody else are doing a great job keeping us there.

Ivan Buchta




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