Czech primetime newscoverage

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On the Czech television primetime news, the case of Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta was covered.  we have translated the video. Transcript: Greek justice rejected appeal of couple of Czechs accused of alleged espionnage for their release from Greek detention. Their lawyer is preparing another appeal. Another Czech accused from espionnage in African Togo also… Read more »

Phonecall with Ivan and Martin.

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The Czech website posted a telephone conversation between Hana Buchtová and Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. We translated the conversation and made a youtube video with subtitles in several languages. Ivan Buchta describes the daily routines, and how they cope with the situation. Make sure you turn on subtitles in the video. source :… Read more »

Parents Visit Martin & Ivan in jail.

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Czech Television made a report about the 2 fathers Miloslav Pezlar and Miloslav Buchta traveled to Greece, in order to visit their sons. With them on this trip Lenka Drmotová, a reporter for the Czech Television. [EDIT] Translation available : English by : Deadfast French by : Cervo Dutch by : Jerry Hopper Finnish… Read more »