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On the Czech television primetime news, the case of Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta was covered.  we have translated the video.


Greek justice rejected appeal of couple of Czechs accused of alleged espionnage for their release from Greek detention.
Their lawyer is preparing another appeal.
Another Czech accused from espionnage in African Togo also hasn’t returned home yet.

Parents of Ivan and Martin
are hoping their sons would return home for 2 months.
Last call from Greece has shaken their hopes, however.
Ivan called home on Wed and told his mother
they’d need to get saved.
Both Czechs got response to their appeal
defending from being accused of espionnage.
The reply of Greek authorities was one they didn’t want to get. Rejected.
In that very moment, he told me : Mom, today I feel really physically bad. I and Ivan, we are both really down!
Till today, they both actually tried to calm families down.
We are trying to alive here with dignity…
Both fathers are again on their way to meet sons to give them some support.
They will also take practical things with them, such as warm clothes.
In the cell they are detained here is a window without a glass so there is a permanent wind from sea all the night.
Martin and Ivan were not separated so far and that is, according to Jiri Cetl detained last year in Zambia in identical situation, critical for psyche.
Most important is to bear, to keep kind of sense of belonging together.

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