Letter to Ivan’s daughter

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Drawing for Ivan's Daughter.

On November 8 The Czech newspaper Blesk.cz wrote an article, in which they published a letter from Ivan Buchta. This very personal letter shows how dire the situation is, as Ivan writes a few words to his daughter Šárka, and his yet to be born daughter Eliška. Here is the translated version.   Dear Šárka, I hope you’ve… Read more »

BREAKING - Why are strikes extended again.

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On November 9,  during a meeting of the Union board the decision was made to continue the protests untill 21 November. Although this was brought to attention yesterday,  today we got the news confirmed by Martin and Ivan’s lawyer  Panagiotis Eleftherioy. The president of the Union  of Judges and Prosecutors elaborated their decision with the… Read more »

Greetings from Greece

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letter from ivan

Ivan Buchta has send us a letter, which again confirms your postcards reach their destination. Greetings to the whole “help Ivan and Martin committee” for all you do to keep our spirits high. We certainly need it now and then, and the cards are a great way to amuse ourselves and feel little less forgotten…. Read more »

Happy birthday Martin Pezlar!

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Today we noticed several Czech postcards adressed to Martin Pezlar via our postcard-initiative. Amongst them, a postcard from his Mum and other close friends. Best wishes for today’s birthday!!!! We wish you mainly luck, you need that the most now, mental and physical strength!! We’ll give you the strongest hug ever in person, all of… Read more »

Phonecall with Ivan and Martin.

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The Czech website rozhlas.cz posted a telephone conversation between Hana Buchtová and Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. We translated the conversation and made a youtube video with subtitles in several languages. Ivan Buchta describes the daily routines, and how they cope with the situation. Make sure you turn on subtitles in the video. source :… Read more »