Drawing for Ivan's Daughter.

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On November 8 The Czech newspaper Blesk.cz wrote an article, in which they published a letter from Ivan Buchta. This very personal letter shows how dire the situation is, as Ivan writes a few words to his daughter Šárka, and his yet to be born daughter Eliška.

Here is the translated version.


Dear Šárka,
I hope you’ve been good and behaving well and that you’re growing and that you’ve leared a lot of new words. I’m really looking forward to carrying you around on my shoulders, we’ll go on a seesaw or go for a juice.
I’m sure you’re having fun with grandma, granpa, aunt and uncle and surely you’re good at riding your bicycle. Until I get back you and your mom can color in the drawing I sent you. Once I’m home we’ll go on that trip.


Your dad

PS: Dear Eliška,
I’d like to sing and mumble to you, read to you and told you stories to make your stay in mom’s Belly more comfortable. I hope mom is handling everything to your liking. I can’t wait to meet you!


Drawing : http://www.helpivanmartin.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/IvanDrawing.jpg
Source : http://www.blesk.cz/clanek/zpravy-udalosti-pribehy/185069/cech-vezneny-v-recku-pise-dopis-nenarozene-dcerce.html

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