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    I was wondering if the prosecutors, judges and jury (is there a jury?) will be made to fully understand how involved picture taking has become in the modern artistic process?

    Taking pictures has become a common place method of gaining  (and retaining for memory) ideas for things you can make in a game or an piece of art. I sure it will be brought up, but do they, or will they be made to FULLY understand how integral taking photos has become in digital art? As a person who has done art for games only a few times, (only attempts really) i have taken 1000′s of photographs for ideas to remember.  I’d like to give a few examples as ideas for the defense if it helps.

    1) One of the first things i learned about “texturing”, in a college class on digital art was that artists rarely “draw” textures onto 3D computer models in the present day, instead pictures are simply “pasted” onto a 3D model from a real life photograph. This enhances the realism and the believability of the game, thus the immersion.

    2) Many years ago, before i ever tried art, i was driving through the mountains and came across a huge industrial facility that was full of pipes and interesting looking equipment -it looked impressive and mysterious. At the time i was playing Stalker, a fictional game (like Arma) about a post-apocolyptic adventure across a mysterious landscape and i thought this would be a perfect fit for the level designers and artists to make for a sequel to their game and posted it on their forums. The area was fenced off, but i went in closer anyway to take pictures from different angles. Here is it:


    3) For a project to make realistic models of detailed, high quality trees, i took hundred of photographs of trees and tree bark, of moss on trees and of where the trees went into the ground. All to be mixed together only for one or two tree models. This involved me walking around the University of Washington taking photos all day long.

    4) To make a 3D model of small medieval building, i also spent a day taking 100′s of photos of old buildings around the U of Washington. I wanted to get ideas for interesting facets of the old buildings -the shape and placement of gables, how gutter systems were integrated, how the roof intersected the walls and their design, types of ledges and frames for windows, the shape and size of different bricks and their texture, etc, etc, etc.

    Hope this helps. Im sure many other artists can attest to the value of taking photographs.  As games get more advanced, they are getting more real and game designers are increasingly using visual and audio recording of real life to make their games. Heres what the Battlefield 3 sound designers from DICE went through at a military base to record their sounds.




    Key Master

    Hello Libertine,

    There has been many misunderstanding about the ‘picture taking’  by Ivan & Martin on Limnos.

    Let me explain that they were there on vacation and they were  taking vacation pictures,  they were not taking pictures to enhance ArmA3.   Every picture they have taken, is being taken from public roads.
    Many websites report that Ivan and Martin were in Limnos  for work, which is absolutly not true.  

    Therefore,  there is not much to be explained about the picture taking on Limnos - as the pictures are more or less the same as your vacation photo’s


    I hope this information helps you.


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