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It’s roughly 40 days since the first detainment of Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta, and this weekend is very important for the case of Martin & Ivan. The last 40 days they have been detained without a trial. This is because the penal courts are on strike until 19 October. On saturday 20 october they will decide whether they stop or continue the strike.
This means that if the strikes don’t continue, there is a good chance that the case of Ivan and Martin might be handled real soon. If not - this charade could last at as long as 120 days at most.
We have created a timeline(*), which shows all ‘events’ regarding the arrest of Martin & Ivan

A letter from Ivan Buchta

After we send the first postcards, we were happily surprised when we found a letter from Ivan in our mailbox.

Ivan Buchta “Many thanks for your letter - it is a great morale boost for us. As you can imagine, our days are rather dull, with very limited chances to amuse ourselves. On the other hand, we’re doing good, reading books and walking a lot in the yard.
We have accepted the necessity to wait, and we hope the things will soon start moving towards the end of this charade. I can assure you that the website, public awareness and the community support play a very important role in the process of getting us back home, and we are gratefull for it.”

Again, Ivan and Martin are very happy with all those postcards, but they have a small request :
Ivan Buchta “Are there any stunning new community projects in the making?”
With this, he suggests to turn your postcard into a little ‘newspaper’. Just create an image of any cool community project you like or work on.Upload it through our postcard tool, and write about the project on the back. This way you keep our boys updated on what’s going on in the armaverse.

We’ve also got several inquiries for the ‘address of Martin & Ivan’ - obviously we are not giving this out - not because we’re evil but to prevent the prison is flooded with hundreds of letters/cards which surely wouldn’t be a good idea. However, in case you want to send them a written letter, contact us via email - we can help you out.

Visit from their fathers

On October 4, Miroslav Plezlar and Miroslav Buchta travelled to Greece, in order to visit their sons. With them on this trip Lenka Dmtrova, a reporter for the Czech television. We have managed to translated the video to english which you can find here: The video reveals a lot about the prison, and the conditions there - which are clearly inhumane.

Call to action

Beside the Postcard-service and the petition, we can do more to help Ivan and Martin.
We have created a example document which you can send to EU Representatives.
Copy the text from our example document and create a new email.
Replace the placeholders with your name, and choose any of the EU representative’s email addresses.

You can find a list of postal and email addresses of all EU representatives.
Although this seems insignificant, It’s vital that as many high placed representatives receive your message. We need to overload them with requests, so raise your army and let’s end this for good!

Media Coverage.

To our surprise, several websites picked up the news about the Postcard initiative and also some Gamer paper magazines showed their interest in our Helpivanmartin project.
Unfortunately many online news sites state that “Bohemia interactive gives gamers the opportunity to send greeting cards”. This information is NOT true. Bohemia Interactive is in no way connected with the Help Ivan Martin initiative - which is solely run by community members namely : Sickboy(NL), W0lle(DE), JerryHopper(NL), Foxhound(NL), Deadfast(CZ), Max Power(CAN) and Petri J. Knuutinen(FI)

You can help the cause, by writing to your favorite game-magazine, local newspapers or even television shows and make them aware of what is going on with 2 of your favorite game developers. Magazines, Newspapers of any kind can find all information on our website, or they can do information inquiries via our email address : [email protected]

Reference material :

Video :
Timeline -
Mediapackage -
Postcard -
Example document -
Banner-pack :
Email : [email protected]

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