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Alexander Schultheiß December 02, 2012 10:00
Loïc Salardaine Laissez les revenir s'il vous plait ! December 02, 2012 09:16
Peter Crawford Please release Ivan & Martin ASAP. Please think of their family and friends who must be so worried. December 02, 2012 03:44
Matthys Jordaan Release the Arma 3 developers, Ivan and Martin. December 02, 2012 03:41
Eddie Barrie LET THEM FREE!!!! They have done nothing to be considered espionage. December 02, 2012 03:33
Mats Olsson They are game developers , how hard is it to check if their story is true or not ? December 02, 2012 03:29
Scott Kelley Stay strong Guys! The world knows of this injustice and want you free and to be with your familys! December 02, 2012 02:43
Jordan Rae Hang in there everything will work it self out soon!!! December 02, 2012 02:04
Markie Rustad Stay strong guys! December 02, 2012 00:39
Ryan Bailey December 02, 2012 00:38
Earl Lovings December 02, 2012 00:38
Alexandr Rosca i can't believe this is happening in XXI century... December 02, 2012 00:35
Jonathan Segundo Stay hopeful guys December 02, 2012 00:30
Krijn Lakeman Creece has been captured bt the Turks for over the 600 years it seems they have forgotten the feeling. LET THE GUYS GO !!!! December 01, 2012 22:08
AZ Think about their families December 01, 2012 21:37
Joseph come back December 01, 2012 21:22
Sami Begah Be patient, you will soon be free! December 01, 2012 21:13
Ian Roberts 20 years for 14 frames of footage? There are a lot worse things they could have filmed and got a lot less. December 01, 2012 21:04
Jada Thomas They deserve to be released! December 01, 2012 20:37
Gintaras Free Ivan and Martin. We need arma 3 (Lithuania) December 01, 2012 20:10
Samuel Wüthrich Greetings from switzerland. December 01, 2012 19:26
Stephen Weeks December 01, 2012 19:07
Petr Šmíd nesouhlasím s řeckým způsobem řešení této situace December 01, 2012 18:41
Viktor Dolezel December 01, 2012 18:36
Jackson Soares Queiroz I'm Brazilian, and I am passionate about the game ARMA. I think it's a shame what made against these two workers who had no bad intention to be taking pictures of a place. Instead of the police being concerned with real criminals are arresting innocent civilians who are working. December 01, 2012 18:00
Jimmy Zumthurm I hope the greece will release you, guys, you aren't criminal just game devs, can't they understand that ? December 01, 2012 16:36
Lorenzo Herrán Suero I really hope you guys can get home as soon as possible, I really, really hope it. You have got the support of the community, czech government and BIS for your case. I wish you the best luck you can have. December 01, 2012 16:30
Athanasios Kousteris Wish/Hope for the best for this unfair situation. December 01, 2012 15:26
Erik Hajnik I support Ivan and Martin. December 01, 2012 14:22
Fabio Scarfò Hey Greece that's only a videogame and if they were taking photos they wanted to improve it, not to spy your stupid military installations. December 01, 2012 13:45