Things you can do to help Ivan & Martin :

Send a twitter message to the Prime Minister of Greece

Let the primeminister know we want Ivan and Martin returned to their families immediately. This is probably one of the most public and obvious things you can do to help. Social Media works.
Send tweets to:
- Prime Minister of Greece
- EU Commissioner for Justice, Citizenship and Fundamental Rights

@PrimeministerGR @vivianeredingeu

Spread the word, use our HelpIvanMartin banner!

Place our banner in your signature of your email, Use the banner as cover-picture in your Facebook or Google+ profile, or use it as Forum Signature or place the banners on your website. download all banners in a zipfile. Several formats can be downloaded from

"Operation Retweet" Let’s make some hashtags trending!

If you are on twitter, go and retweet any of the ‘free ivan tweets you see on your timeline. Alternatively you can goto there are loads of freeivanmartin tweets from people all around the world, show them - and Ivan & Martin that they are not alone. Retweet such a message once every day!

#helpIvanMartin #releaseArma3Devs #getArma3DevsHome #freeivanmartin

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Let the local press on the island know what you think

On their facebook page, and their twitter @LesvosNet. Read some of the comments on this article for an idea of what is going on. Let’s end it exactly where it all started in the first place!

Call, write, or visit your nearest Greek Embassy

Let them know what they have done is wrong, and that you want them released. Be civil, but be honest. We don’t stand for this in the part of the world I come from.

Click here to send an email

Find publicly posted material (video/images) of military objects

If you find foto's or video's from Limnos main island or Agios Efstratios, which are depicting military installations, email these finds to [email protected]
they could help in the case.



Contact us via : [email protected]
or via twitter @helpivanmartin

Thanks in advance for your kind help and i've already informed Ivan and Martin about the website you have constructed about them. They are sending you and to all the gamers many greetings

Panayiotis Eleftheriou (Lawyer)

Thank you on behalf of the boys for all your interest that you show

Panayiotis Eleftheriou (Lawyer)

Ivan Buchta

Profession : Creative Director
Bohemia Interactive
Age: 33

Martin Pezlar

Profession :Level design
Bohemia Interactive
Age: 28

Current location