Update - Ivan & Martin are detained Week 3

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Three weeks have passed since the arrest of Ivan and Martin, and the team behind helpivanmartin.org have been busy gathering intel. We’ve put up a few new pages with facts and new ways to support the detained developers. But more important: We’ve managed to get in contact with their Lawyer, Panagiotis Eleftherioy. With him we discussed the… Read more »

Contact established

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After 19 days of detainment, Jerry Hopper from the helpivanmartin.org team has managed to establish contact with the Martin and Ivan’s Lawyer. From now on, the helpivanmartin initiative is able to send letters to Greece.   thanks in advance for your kind help and i’ve already informed ivan and martin about the website that has… Read more »

HelpIvanMartin.org launched

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This is a call for support to the entire ARMA/OFP community, all gamers and non-gamers alike. As many of you may know, two of Bohemia Interactive’s developers, Ivan Buchta, and Martin Pezlar, are currently detained in a prison in Greece, charged with allegations of spying. The arrest took place on September 9th near their hotel, and was first reported by Greek site Lesvos news… Read more »